There is only one unique and wonderful YOU!

We all have a distinct purpose, gifts and talents, even if we have spent our whole lives believing (or being told) the opposite.

Once you discover what and who you really are, the wonderful journey of your ideal life begins. 

If that understanding isn’t so easy for you, read on.

Abundance is our birthright. We are born perceptive, powerful, and connected to the universe. However, as we get older and take in outside signals from parents, siblings, peers, teachers, even the media, the majority of us lose the awesome state of wonder and grace we lived in as kids. Many of us give our power away willingly, like to a parent, romantic partner, or our children, because it’s easy and it makes us temporarily happy. But depending on others for happiness means your own joy isn’t within your reach, and eventually, you’ll be left waiting for the people around you to fill you up.  Others become manipulated by people who (intentionally or unintentionally) sustain themselves by sapping the others around them of their drive and passion. These are the abusers, naysayers, or the people that were taught to live in fear and guilt. 

Whether it is an abusive relationship or fear based teachings they leave negative imprints leaving us vamped, confused and lost. We get caught in false belief patterns about ourselves and the world around us regarding ideas that were not ours to begin with. 

These false beliefs are the untruthful thoughts that are telling you that you’re not good enough, or that happiness isn’t meant for you, or that you can’t ever make money, or whatever negative mantra you feed yourself daily. Over time we accept these discouraging thoughts as truth and lose the ability to decipher who we are at our best, and chase what brings us joy. 

My job is to assist you into balance, removing the negative filter to then create a place for you to start the ideal life that you deserve and desire. Our office is a safe place of integrity, trust and no judgment. In our meetings you will see yourself whole again, heal the parts that are still raw, and learn to trust and rely on your own innate ability and intuition, you will reclaim the power you once gave away or was taken from you. We then work on forgiving ourselves and the people we hold anger towards.

When we act with compassion we do so within our own awareness of our higher self. There are people around you who have directly or indirectly detached you from your ideal existence–yourself included. Our work will center on targeting the internal mental and emotional blocks that hold you back. We will also discuss the third parties in your life, and how each complex relationship both fed into your past and can push you towards your future. Through looking inward and finding the part of yourself that can love unconditionally, you will blossom outward into the world you’ve always imagined.

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Michelle Collins, Life and Wellness Coach