What is a Life Coach?

A life coach helps you gain insight into what is keeping you from manifesting the existence you desire.  We as humans are programed though different outside influences from childhood–we lose our voice, vision and perspective, and as adults find ourselves wondering what went wrong.

 A life coach is a partner who objectively observes and supports you.  We are invested in one thing, and that is you and your success.

When does a life coach come in?

People in transition, or feeling lost or overwhelmed

If you are a person in the middle of a life change, or one who knows you needs a life change, this is an important time to ask yourself questions. With our support, you can turn the answers to those questions into the life you imagine.

Where you are now?
Where you have been?
Where do you want to go now?

People at Crossroads

The times come in our lives when hard choices must be made. With the support of a coach, the outcome will outweigh the discomfort. This includes:

People who feel stuck
Dreams not yet acted on
People who want to create balance in their lives 

Ideal you is a place of accelerated personal growth. We lead you quickly toward a better understanding of yourself, which will enable you to set and work toward goals you thought were impossible.

Our main task is to provide a place of inspiration, safety, integrity and compassion.

Wellness coaching – Weight Loss/ Health Issues

Often it is lack of awareness, which causes a diet to fail. We have produced excellent results in the area of weight loss by combining emotional support with our proven Ideal Protein.

The Ideal Protein method is not only based on a medically proven diet, it is also based on personal integrity.  We have combined that with health and life coaching. This will assist you in being accountable to yourself and us. It will also encourage you to be aware of when and why you decide to lapse or persevere.